Tattoo’s and Melanated Skin – what you need to know


Melanated skin is a term used to describe the dark pigmentation of one’s skin. Melanin is the pigment that gives colour to human skin. It has been scientifically proven that people with darker complexions have more melanin in their bodies than those with lighter complexions. This higher concentration of melanin provides protection from high levels of sun exposure and also offers natural UV resistance, which helps prevent diseases such as cancer, premature ageing and photodamage.

What has melanin got to do with tattooing?

Whilst tattoos can be done on any skin type, your skin can affect the results of your tattoo. People with melanated skin can find that tattoos look darker and more vibrant. It is also common for the ink to appear slightly raised on melanated skin, making it easier to feel (which isn’t always preferred!)

Unfortunately, not all tattoo studios are yet aware that they need specialised equipment for melanated skin which means you may find yourself at a studio where staff don’t know how to handle this type of request. So if you’re looking for good advice about tattoo’s then please contact us today. Remember we can provide consultations online too!

Remember, everyone has different needs when it comes to their body art so do ask questions before going ahead – especially if this particular tattoo is going out into public view! You don’t want any unwelcome comments or looks as people try and figure out what’s been inked onto your skin…

What tattoo styles suit melanated skin?

Black and grey ink tattoos are particularly popular. But remember these types of tattoos don’t show up so well on melanated skins, even more than the others. So this means you will need to have them done by a professional tattoo artist with experience in black ink work.

In our opinion, the best style of tattoo for melanated skin is probably fine line or dot work designs that appear very delicate when finished professionally.

Colour tattoos also work very well but remember they won’t be as bright on darker skin.

How do tattoos heal on melanated skins?

The melanin in melanated skin makes it more resistant to sunburn, so you can get away with being out in the sunshine for longer without having your tattoo fade.

This means that melanated skins are less likely to scar or suffer from pigmentation problems after a tattoo has healed. This is opposed to fair-skinned people who need long periods of time out of the sun when they have fresh tattoos done because their skin will burn and be more vulnerable to infection during healing if exposed to too much sunlight.

Tattoo’s on melanated skins do take slightly longer than average to heal though (we would say about 25% – 50% times as long). So allow things like this into consideration before getting your tattoo done… but remember there are plenty of amazing vegan aftercare products that will aid your tattoo to full recovery!

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In conclusion, melanated skins are just as suitable for tattoos as fair-skinned skins. So don’t be afraid to get a tattoo if you have melanated skin.

What other questions would you like answered? Let us know in the comments below!

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