The different types of Tattoo Styles


What’s the most popular tattoo style? That depends on who you ask, but we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular tattoo styles and what they mean.

Traditional and Old School Tattoo Style

Traditional tattoos are made using simple outlines with solid colours or black shading. The old school tattoo style is an update of this traditional style with more detailed linework and colour.

Neo-Traditional Tattoo Style

Neo-traditional tattoos blend elements from various historical periods such as Japanese, Celtic, Americana, and art nouveau in order to create a unique piece that is influenced by many different cultures.

Tribal Tattoo Style

Tribal tattoos were originally created in tribal societies for ceremonial purposes. The tattoo would provide a sense of community among the people who shared it, but tribal tattoos can also be used as an expression of individuality by adapting traditional designs for new cultures and situations.

Watercolour Tattoo Style

The watercolour tattoo style uses bold lines with blurred shading to create soft effects that resemble painted images or illustrations in stained glass.

Blackwork Tattoo Style

The blackwork tattoo style is gaining popularity fast. The blackwork tattoo style uses heavy shading, bold lines and simple colour schemes to create a gritty look

Realism Tattoo Style

The realism tattoo style is defined by its hyper-realistic imagery that looks as though it was taken right off the page of an anatomy textbook.

Japanese Tattoo Style

The Japanese tattoo style resembles the look of traditional Japanese art – which is often characterized by its minimalistic nature and bold use of negative space.

What Tattoo Style Should I Get?

The best tattoo style for you depends on your personality, preferences and the type of image that you want to be represented in your skin.

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