Vegan Tattoo Artists

Jorge Garcia (he/him)

Head honcho Jorge opened INKD in 2015 after deciding he wanted a place to perform his art surrounded by vegans and alike.  

His speciality is black and grey realism, bringing images to life through various tones of black ink and shading.

Jorge spends most of his free time drawing and can be found scrawling bio art on a canal in North London somewhere, with a vegan burger in hand.

Lucia Rossi (she/her)

Taking Geometric and Dotwork to a whole other level, Lucia brings a wealth of talent to INKD with her fine art style of tattooing. After completing a degree in fine art, Lucia quickly got behind the pen and ink to start her tattoo apprenticeship here at INKD.

Lucia is very active within the vegan community and often appears at protests and rallies in the UK.

Erik Andersson (he/him)

Specialising in American Traditional and Neo Traditional tattoo style since 1995, Erik is a highly recognised tattoo artist with a high standard of work.

Mostly known for his American Traditional, you can also find him expanding his colour palette and designs with Neo Traditional.

Erik joined INKD in 2015 when the doors opened, as a fellow vegan he wanted to join his morals with his craft.

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