How to Find a Good Tattoo Artist


Do you have an ideal vegan tattoo artist in mind, but don’t know how to find them?

You’re not alone. This blog post will provide some tips on what to look for when finding a good vegan tattoo artist. Tattoos are permanent and should be given careful consideration before being designed! Check out these guidelines for finding the best vegan tattoo artist to suit your needs.

Step One: Consider the location

First, consider where you would like to get your vegan tattoo and how far this person’s studio is from that area. If it is too far away, there may be a lack of communication between the artist and yourself. Thus, if something needs changing or modifying during the process, it may not be as simple as being able to pop into their studio to discuss.

Also, if the location is abroad you may want to consider language and translation issues. Ensure the artist speaks your language fluently.

Step Two: Consider how much you are willing to spend

When considering a vegan tattoo, it is important that you set yourself an upper limit for what you are willing to pay. While some artists may be more expensive than others due to their experience or skill level, if they quote prices well above what you can afford, then they may not be the artist for you.

Step Three: Research your tattoo artist online

Now that you have a list of prospective vegan tattoo artists, it’s time to do some research on each one and consider which would be the best choice for your needs. The first place to start is by looking at their portfolio or website – if they don’t have one then move on to another.

Step Four: Look for online reviews of your tattoo artist of choice

With any luck, you’ll find some online reviews or feedback on the vegan tattoo artists that are still in the running – if they don’t have a portfolio or website then this is really important. Read through what other people say about their experiences with each one and see which has the best reputation overall.

Read our online reviews here.

Step Five: Look at the tattoo artist’s social media

If you’re really struggling to find a good vegan tattoo artist then look through their social media profiles.

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Step Six: Contact the vegan tattoo artist you want to use

Once you’ve found the vegan tattoo artist that seems right for you, it’s time to contact them! Make sure they can do what you’re looking for and if not then keep on moving.

If everything else is okay though, book an appointment with your chosen professional – make sure it’s in advance as well because most good tattoo artists will have a busy schedule. It’s also important to know if they take walk-ins or not.

Make sure you go prepared with the design that you want them to tattoo on your body, whether it be a sketch of something else entirely and just tell them where you want it etc.

Step Seven: Relax!

The day will come for your appointment now so make sure to relax and feel safe in the knowledge that you have picked the right vegan tattoo artist for you!

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